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Over-the-Rhine (also known as OTR) is abundant with locally-owned, independent businesses, and the energy of our neighborhood continues to attract retail pioneers, artisans, and culinary visionaries. We encourage you to explore OTR's mix of old and new, where there's always something new to discover!

As an advocate for our neighborhood, the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce cultivates and promotes the economic vitality, cultural diversity, and innovative vision of our members and our community. Learn more about the Chamber

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It's Time to Meet Your Maker!

No, not that maker. Makers in Over-the-Rhine!

All throughout the holidays, we"ll be highlighting OTR business owners: the retail pioneers, artisans, and culinary visionaries who give our neighborhood its vibrant character. These folks are experts in their trade, and they work hard every day to bring you high-quality gifts made with local love. Support them, their team, and their businesses and #buyOTRMADE this holiday season!

Join us for shopping events, artsy performances, and yes, a party or five to celebrate the OTR experience. We promise you"ll create memories that last a lifetime!
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OTR in the Business Courier

The Cincinnati Business Courier recently covered the numbers we announced during our 2018 Economic Impact media conference, which outlined the dozens of new businesses that have brought hundreds of jobs to our neighborhood.

"Each of these business owners, are investing their time, energy and hard-work into Over-the-Rhine," said Kelly Adamson, the OTR Chamber's Executive Director. "Many have families, are working dual-jobs, put vacations and even weddings on hold, as they recognize the importance of building their business here, to be a contributor to our local economy and understand that this neighborhood is really something special."
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OTR's 2018 Economic Impact Numbers Released

Cincinnati, OH (November 15, 2018) "The Over-the-Rhine (OTR) Chamber of Commerce has announced that by the close of 2018, 46 new businesses will have joined the dining, retail, bar, personal services, entertainment venues and office sectors in Over-the-Rhine, creating 350 jobs. In the last two years, there have been a total of 85 new businesses and 650 new jobs. Eateries and offices continue to be category leaders; however, retail also emerged as a secondary industry leader this year.

Nine of the 46 businesses are minority-owned, and 14 of these businesses are women-owned. Read the full article