Note: This is being rescheduled from March 1.

Join us for a guided workshop where you'll develop a content marketing plan and content calendar so you know exactly what to share online to attract your ideal customers.

In this Lab, we’ll cover:

  • Goal Getting: Your business and financial goals for the next 6-12 months and how content marketing can help you achieve them

  • Customer Profile: Identifying your customers and how (and where!) to reach them online

  • Marketing Planning: Creating a monthly marketing plan that breaks down how to connect with and sell to YOUR ideal customers so you reach your goals.

  • Content Calendar: Creating a simple content calendar that outlines exactly the type of content you should create. No more wondering what to post!

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About Tamia Stinson:

Tamia Stinson is a Content Marketing Strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs build stylish brands through her company, The Style Sample. Often called upon as a producer and influencer for marketing and branding campaigns, Stinson has worked with small businesses, non-profits, and multinational brands on a diverse portfolio of projects. Learn more at .