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Wash Park Art Gallery Announces Special LumenoCity Exhibit:
July 24 – August 23, 2015
Cinti. OH, July 8, 2015   If Rembrandt and Warhol had a love child it would be this exhibit. Wash Park Art has combined classical portraitist Carin Hebenstreit and Cincinnati’s top pop artist Andrew Vansickle in an exhibit celebrating these very different artists’ shared love of Cincinnati, Music Hall and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (the CSO.)
Hebenstreit, known for portraits of CSO Maestros Max Rudolph and Paavo Jarvi, will exhibit paintings inspired by LumenoCity, and other new works. During LumenoCity 2014 Hebenstreit exhibited her luminous work at Wash Park Art; she returns this year for a LUMINOUS ENCORE.
Vansickle (aka AVS Art), Cincinnati’s top pop artist whose psychedelic vision of Music Hall was actualized in LumenoCity 2013, will exhibit for the first time “The Dawn of Union Terminal 1933” along with a new remix of his greatest hits– images iconic to AVS Art such as “Weeping Supergirl” and other POP LANDMARKS  & PORTRAITS.
Although radically different in style and media, both artists are well known to Music Hall visitors and CSO fans; Hebenstreit’s Maestros are exhibited in the balcony of Music Hall, and Vansickle’s “Opening Night of Music Hall 1878” was among the official images announcing the first LumenoCity. And both artists are well known to wider audiences: Hebenstreit teaches at the Art Academy and Evendale Arts Center, has appeared on WCET Arts Bridge and hosts her own cable show; and Vansickle has been a force of urban cool for over 25 years, not just in his art but as artistic director of the legendary Club Clau and managing the short-lived but important AVS Gallery of pop and outsider art. Both appear in major corporate and private collections.
Wash Park Art showcases Cincinnati’s excellent fine artists and art-thinkers. The gallery evolved from a love affair with OTR’s tenacious continuum of creativity. Located 3 doors south of Music Hall in The Frank van der Stucken Flats, built in 1887 and named for the CSO’s founding conductor who lived there, the gallery previously was home to an independent filmmaker, a rehearsal space for Linton Chamber Music of Cincinnati and was Turner Construction’s site office during the Washington Park renovation. The current proprietor recognized the need for a special visual arts exhibition space at the city’s cultural heart, and immediately envisioned the building’s Italianate proportioned interior as the perfect space for solo and intimate combination shows. After a year of renovation, the first exhibit opened in October, 2013.
Luminous Encore  / Pop Landmarks & Portraits runs July 24 through August 23. Exhibit opening party, Friday, July 24th, 5-9 pm. For more info, go to: www.washparkart.com
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