OTR is Open to All

Collectively, we stand alongside those locally and across the U.S. who have been affected by racial injustice. We raise our voices amongst our peaceful protesters' in a call for change to create an equitable and just society. And together, we promise to continue building one right here in Over-the-Rhine.

Together, we share a mission to promote inclusivity, while embracing and celebrating the diversity of Over-the-Rhine and have made a commitment to create a model for inclusive urban revitalization. We will continue to work in unison while also being present to listen, support and advocate.

We all recognize that the priority is doing our part to eliminate inequality and injustice in our community. We also stand with our small businesses, who had been through months of loss and hardship prior to this past weekend’s demonstrations, which came as many local businesses were just beginning the recovery process. As our city is built on such generosity, many have asked “how can I help?” and we are taking this opportunity to provide some resources to help our community take proactive steps together, because as we rebuild and reopen, we do so with purpose.



    Contribute to the Minority Business Emergency Assistance Fund. This emergency assistance fund represents a partnership of several Cincinnati minority business support groups working together to save our vibrant black and minority business community. Join them in their effort to come together and raise $100,000 for critical business assistance to help minority small business communities cover expenses, pay employees and weather COVID-19. https://www.mightycause.com/organization/Saveourbusinesses

    Contribute to the OTR Chamber’s Small Business Relief Fund. Now more than ever OTR’s small businesses need your help on the path to recovery. Our organizations share the goal of prioritizing and deepening the success of minority-owned businesses in OTR and the OTR Chamber’s Small Business Relief Fund is no different. It’s time to stand up and tell our small businesses you have their back by relieving barriers to reopening, which includes any additional damage incurred during the unrest this past weekend. https://www.otrchamber.com/backontherise

    Support our black-owned businesses. Buy a gift card, order takeout or visit an open business. For the most up-to-date info on hours of operation (in light of clean-up efforts and the curfew), be sure to check with individual businesses. For a list of OTR/Pendleton black-owned businesses, visit https://www.otrchamber.com/otrisopen#all. For a city-wide list, visit https://thevoiceofblackcincinnati.com/black-businesses/

    Join us in our collective mission: There are additional resources and guidance on the OTR Chamber’s website that explain how you can support OTR’s small businesses but also how you can join us in being a part of our mission to promote inclusivity and embrace our beautiful diversity