OTR’s latest carryout, delivery, discounts and online shopping listed on updated website


In light of the current COVID-19 situation, OTR’s small business community is focused on providing stability for hard-working entrepreneurs, small business owners, and hundreds of their employees while serving as much of the Queen City as possible. We know that if we stick together, we’ll get through this and come out stronger on the other side.


Head to www.otrchamber.com/otrisopen for a continuously updated list of participating businesses (check back often!) and follow @OTRchamber on Facebook and Instagram for more. Search and use the hashtag: #OTRisOpen.

Here’s what you can do to help:


Many of OTR’s independently-owned restaurants and food businesses are offering pick-up and curbside service in compliance with Ohio’s mandate. Don’t want to handle cash? No problem! Pay with a credit card over the phone (remember to include the tip).


Leave the house for what? Many of OTR’s independently-owned restaurants and food shops are already on popular delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Choose the option to leave the bag of food outside your door.


Small businesses recognize that most people are taking a financial hit right now, so many are offering incentives like free shipping and discounts. Check out local business’ websites, social media, and email lists for the best sales and specials.

Shop local — online and off!

From new spring styles to quality gift items to culinary goodies, head to the world wide web (or the app store!) for goods from your favorite neighborhood shops.

Get those gift cards

Purchasing a gift card to your favorite shop, theater or restaurant is a fast and easy way to support the businesses you love.


Consider being a little extra generous on the tips for employees and delivery staff since their income will drop due to fewer patrons. It may not directly contribute to a restaurant's bottom line, but if everyone follows suit it helps the people who need it and contributes to the spirit of goodwill.


Helping to support small businesses during this time of uncertainty is critical to their survival and the stability of hard-working entrepreneurs and hundreds of their employees. We also know that people need the services these small businesses can provide: good food, highly-quality products, excellent service, and the feeling of gratitude that comes with knowing we supported each other.


Since 1985, the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce has represented its members and the community with a mission to be the driving force for creating a strong economy while also promoting inclusivity, embracing diversity and celebrating originality. Our vision is for Over-the-Rhine to be a model neighborhood for inclusive urban revitalization.