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Began 4 days ago

Jun 14 - 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Works by well-established followers of the renowned Kharkiv School of Photography (KSOP), an art movement that originated during Soviet times as a counterweight to official propaganda and has since turned into a powerful means of visual self-expression in contemporary Eastern Europe.
ANOTHER UKRAINE | KSOP Selections uncovers a layer of Ukrainian photography, which is not about the current military turmoil, but about the psychological and cultural aspects of the country’s post-Soviet and current reality.

A visual recitation of the KSOP movement from late 1970s through 2023, the exhibit features single edition prints from:

Sergiy Bratkov (b. 1960, Kharkiv, UA)
Igor Karpenko (b. 1964, Kharkiv, UA)
Igor Chursin (b. 1962, Kharkiv, UA)
Oleg Maliovany (b. 1945, Rubtsvosk, RU)
Igor Manko (b. 1962, Poltava UA)
Evgeniy Pavlov (b. 1949, Kahrkiv, UA) in collaboration with painter Volodymir Shaposhnykov
Roman Pyatkovka (b. 1955, Kharkiv, UA)
Boris Redko (b. 1959, Kharkiv, UA)
Sergiy Solonsky (b. 1957, Zaporizhia Oblast, UA)
Olexsandr Suprun (b. 1945, Kharkiv, UA)
Volodymir Bysov (b. 1953, Weimar, DE)

Intimately curated by Guennadi Maslov
Prior to “not-returning” from an exhibit featuring his work at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center in 1991, Maslov was a prominent Kharkiv photographer of the Soviet-era—a founding member of Kharkiv's Contact Group, Maslov represented the Kharkiv Documentary School at the Soviet Union's final Photo Festival in Moscow in 1989.

This exhibit was born out of long-standing artistic camaraderie, allegiance in the face of existential threat, and special friendships including those with: 
The Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers
The Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership

A portion of proceeds benefits the Kharkiv Red Cross.