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On the Cincinnati Streetcar (November 20, 2013)


The Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce and its Board of Directors have consistently been supportive of a streetcar line connecting OTR to Downtown and Uptown, because it is highly beneficial for our members and neighborhood stakeholders. We believe that in the same way the OTR neighborhood belongs to the entire City, a streetcar within a broader transit plan will also belong to, and benefit the broader community due to the creation of new construction and permanent jobs, and a growing tax base.

OTR continues to show why it has been—and continues to be— truly one of the top revitalization stories in America the past decade.  We will continue to support our members and stakeholders in our shared belief that a well-designed streetcar system will only enhance OTR's prominent role in the rebirth of our urban core. To this end, the Chamber looks forward to actively reaching out to our elected officials to advocate our members’ views.