''Save Local'' Campaign to Support our Businesses


“A lot of people take for granted that we’re all going to hold on. The reality is that a lot of us aren’t going to make it. Help us get through February, and March. And hopefully we’re there for April.”
– Jose Salazar, owner of Salazar, Mita's and Goose & Elder.

Right now, we're encouraging you to patronize the businesses you love so much so they're able to stay open. Whether you feel comfortable enough attending in-person events, restaurants and shops (so you can give a “Brick-and-Mortar Boost”) or you feel better supporting from home (or "Helping From Home"), check out this curated a list of ways you can support your favorite Downtown & OTR establishments: https://www.downtowncincinnati.com/SaveLocal.
Click on the image belowto watch the extended video of Jose Salazar and Dan McCabe: