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A Conversation with Jymi Bolden, Gallery Director of Art Beyond Boundaries

1) What do you want people (the community) to know about your business?

I have always advocated that art, artistic expression & creativity be the focus of Art Beyond Boundaries in spite of the importance of the gallery’s mission. Art Beyond Boundaries gallery provides a professional, mainstream exhibition venue for artists with disabilities.

2) Why did you decide to set-up your business in OTR?

It has been a positive experience for Art Beyond Boundaries to have been a part of the OTR Arts District. Eight years ago we made a conscious decision to locate in OTR and participate in the metamorphosis of the neighborhood.

3) Is there anything that surprised you about working or having a business in OTR?

No…my experience in OTR dates back to the late 90’s documenting, photographically, the progress and pitfalls of the neighborhood as photo editor of CityBeat.

4) Do you have a favorite place you like to go in OTR? (Restaurant, bar, shop, place to exercise, theatre, etc.)

Yes...several including Iris BookCafe and, of course, Art Beyond Boundaries.

5) If you had a magic wand, what would you change in OTR?

I would remove or at least minimize all nuisance elements.